Week 34: Clumsy Canter By Naglis

“I need money,quick!” I gasped nervously. “I must do the one thing I’m great at, stealing.”

The gang don’t know me as Canter Krychowiak, they call me by my well-known nickname-‘The Raccoon’. I was known as that because I could hide well and steal yet can be clumsy sometimes. They all helped me think of where I should steal from. Suddenly, Pavel suggested the bank. I grinned evilly. I waited till the sky was pitch black. That was my cue. I hid behind a tree and stepped on a crunchy leaf but luckily no one heard me. I was at the vault but I couldn’t reach it. I stepped on a box but I was still too small. Next I stepped on a chair and grabbed the money easily.

“BOOM!” I slipped of the chair.

“Who’s that?!” the guard shouted angrily…

One thought on “Week 34: Clumsy Canter By Naglis”

  1. Hi Naglis,
    What a great story. I liked it as it was fast paced and there was plenty of action. It reads like a gangster story and is very convincing through the use of the nickname and the gang rallying around their boss. I’m delighted with your story so keep up the good work.
    Mrs O Sullivan

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