Week 34 The Noise by Szymon

The sky was so dark you could barely see anything and clouds were covering the moon. I was in my kitchen making myself tea.I sat down on a chair to drink it. Suddenly, I heard a noise in my garden. I decided to go and check it out so I grabbed a flashlight. A leaf fell in front of me. I saw a box turned over on its side and something in it. When I got closer I heard a hissing sound. I shone the flashlight into the box and I was so relieved when I saw that it was just a racoon.

One thought on “Week 34 The Noise by Szymon”

  1. Hi Szymon,
    It’s great to see you back writing the 100 Word Challenge! Well done on your story. You built up the tension nicely and then relieved it in the end with the image of the peacefully sleeping raccoon. well done on working in the prompt words so well. Keep up the great writing!
    Mrs O Sullivan.

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