Week 35 The River by Tadhg

Jake was a Labrador. When we got him from the animal shelter downtown ,he was sick and had lice and a nasty rash. After a while Jake got better. The vet said he was just a year old. Jake and I would play all the time. One day Jake was missing. I checked the park, the forest and our field. I finally found him by the river sitting down and watching it flow. I called for Jake but he didn’t move. I dragged him back home and he didn’t do anything. He just sat on the ground looking back at the river. I wonder what he saw that frightened him so much.

One thought on “Week 35 The River by Tadhg”

  1. Hi Tadhg,
    Some animals have a miserable experience before they reach the sanctuary of the shelter. It is very sad but it’s good to think that there are many good, kind people in society to provide safe homes for these poor creatures. Jake is one of the lucky ones and hopefully the bad memories he had will fade with time. Your story is very well-written and shows compassion and understanding of animals. Well done.

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