Week 34 The Sky Diving Box By Matthew D

I was a normal boy on a normal street on a normal day when all of a sudden everything changed. I went to tie my shoe lace when a box dropped from the sky. I could see a racoon inside. It hopped out of the box chewing a leaf. The next day, I was walking on the same street at the same time when it came flying from the sky in a chair. It landed perfectly in front of me and ran. The next day it was plummeting from the sky on its own. I knew I had to save it. I dived forward…

One thought on “Week 34 The Sky Diving Box By Matthew D”

  1. Hi Matthew,
    I really enjoyed your story. I liked the writing trick of repeating the same word over and over to get your point across that unusual things don’t usually happen your character. I love the use of the verb ‘plummeted’ as it really got across to me how dramatically the raccoon was falling. Your cliffhanger has left me wondering if your hero managed to save the day…and the raccoon!
    Keep up the great work!
    Mrs O Sullivan.

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