Week 35 Swept Away By Matthew D

There was Lola and her little puppy walking along by the stream on a lovely sunny morning. The rain had been  pouring out of the heavens the night before. There was a strong current in the river and Lola and her little puppy were running along the side of the river bank. Next thing, Lola fell in. She was barking ferociously as she was swept down the river leaving her little puppy behind. The puppy gave a little cry as he stared into the dark brown water that his mother was swept away in.

One thought on “Week 35 Swept Away By Matthew D”

  1. Hi Matthew,
    Your story started so happily with the pleasant image of the mother dog and puppy out for a stroll. How awful that it turned into such a tragedy! You really evoked a sense of despair in your final line with the lonely, bewildered little pup left to fend for himself on the river bank. Great writing. Keep it up!
    Mrs O Sullivan.

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