Week 37 The Ancestors By Matthew D

My ancestors found a gold viola in the eighteenth century . It has been passed down to the eldest son at midnight on their eighteenth birthday. And tonight is my eighteenth birthday. This viola is so ancient, it is worth millions. While I am at my party, I can see my father is beginning to get a little stressed. Then I hear it is lost. We searched until 11:30 pm and when we thought that there was no hope left, we stopped. I was heart broken I looked up to the ceiling and saw it dangling. I climbed up there and retrieved it as the church bell struck for midnight.

One thought on “Week 37 The Ancestors By Matthew D”

  1. Hi Matthew,
    I enjoyed your story, especially the happy ending. You made very creative use of the prompt words.and there was a good flow to your story. I was so relieved that the viola was found in the end. Well done!
    Mrs O Sullivan.

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