Week# 4 SPACE By Kacper

“Kacper, you have 5 minutes left!” Houston spoke softly.

” Hey Houston,do you think I will die?”I asked sadly.

” Possibly, yes.” Houston spoke softly.

You might ask how did I end up like this? I was meant to go and check what was new on the moon. So I said yes. I stayed up in space for 3 months. I was meant to go back to Earth on the spacecraft when it just wouldn’t take off and then… BOOM…it exploded and I was launched back. And with that I have 30 seconds and here I am going to die. Goodbye world, I am never to be…

One thought on “Week# 4 SPACE By Kacper”

  1. Wow Kacper, what a gripping start to your 100WC. It makes such a nice change to start with dialogue. I also the adverbs you used instead of just saying “said”. Makes for a much more exciting story. The rest of your 100WC flows really nicely, with the prompt being a very natural part of it. Great work. I also really like the ending – it really ties it all together.
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand

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