Week 4, The Launch by Tim

I was excited to see the rocket launch so I got up early in the morning, ate breakfast and dressed. I woke up my parents and they also got ready. We got there in time, before the entire place was full. People were taking pictures and others taking videos when we heard the countdown. I could see the president along with the other famous Americans. The countdown finished and when it just wouldn’t take off, I heard something hit the ground. All of a sudden the rocket burst into flames. The whole station was destroyed along with everyone in it. Pieces of metal were flying and people screaming. It was the worst thing I’d seen as a child.

One thought on “Week 4, The Launch by Tim”

  1. I like how your story was like a personal narrative about an exciting day, but then everything turns into a disaster! You wrote it so well I felt like I was in the story experiencing the flames and scraps of metal flying all over the place!


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