Week 5, The Nicest Man By Tim

In 1935, a worker named John Hudson died in a car accident in the city. The people of St. Louis were shocked because he was the nicest man in their state. Every single day after he finished work he would go around helping people in the district. People called him Biggy because he had big feet and he was tall. It was a compliment. He would help people finish painting their houses and others look for missing stuff. His death was devastating. He was held a massive funeral. People from all over the state went to it and a statue was built on a round-about in his honour. R.I.P John Hudson.

One thought on “Week 5, The Nicest Man By Tim”

  1. Kia ora Tim. Wow! I loved your 100 Word Challenge this week. Let’s hope every town has a wonderful person like John Hudson – spreading kindness everywhere! Your sentence structure and punctuation are brilliant, and it really helps your writing to flow clearly. Well done Tim.

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