Week 6 The Hill By Matthew D

It was Halloween night. I had visited  every house in the town except one. I sauntered up to the dark,reclusive house. I came to the door and without hesitation opened it. I walked into a damp, dreary hallway. I could hear the spiders scuttling across the floor boards. With curiosity getting the better of me, I made my way up the steep, old stairs. The floor boards were creaking, the bats flitting through the foul air. Then I came to the door. I opened it so quickly I almost took off the door handle. The golden chest gleamed in front of me. I tried to lift it,it was heavier than I expected. Then the light flickered and he crept slowly towards me.

One thought on “Week 6 The Hill By Matthew D”

  1. Good work Matthew!
    Your in depth description and use of the senses really made this story come alive – I could hear the spiders running along the floor as I was reading!

    Great way to increase tension in your story and you left it on a brilliant cliff-hanger!

    Well done!

    Miss. L. Team100, Edinburgh, UK

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