Week 9 Last Minute Winner By Danny

The Orange Pumpkin Team were playing the 3 time regional Champions, the Yellow Pumpkin Team. It was Final Day and everyone in both towns were very excited. The Yellow Pumpkin supporters were very buoyant, dedicated and they had high morale after their team winning the regional title 3 years in a row.

At half time, it was nil all. At the start of the second half the Orange Pumpkins attacked and their right back skedaddled down the wing and then he put a cross in. The on-form striker blasted the ball into the back of the net with skill that was second nature to him. Just then the ref blew the whistle. Both captains shook hands. The orange one spoke first, “Great game, hope to see ye next year in the final again.”

2 thoughts on “Week 9 Last Minute Winner By Danny”

  1. Well done Danny – I enjoyed reading your story.
    I like how the prompt fitted in so well in your story.
    A close match is always exciting.
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Boyce

  2. Danny your 100WC is very readable. It is fast paced and you chose really interesting words to describe what is going on. You incorporated the prompt in a really natural way too. Fabulous.
    Mrs P, Team 100WC
    Wellington, New Zealand

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