Week12 Busking By Matthew D

There I was, busking with my violin, on the streets of New York when I saw a purple painted elephant on one of the walls in Times Square. I was confused and took a drink of water in case I was dehydrated and having delusions. But it turns out this marvellous piece of creativity was real. I did a full examination and was bemused as the penmanship was inch perfect. All of a sudden a crow cawed overhead and the elephant came to life. He immediately stampeded towards me and as he was just about to trample me,  I woke from my dream. And I was happy to be alive.

One thought on “Week12 Busking By Matthew D”

  1. I Matthew
    I like the way you were busking in the streets of New York.
    I wonder did the crow make it come to life.
    At least it was a dream and you didn’t get trod on
    By for now your Friend Danny Mrs O Sullivan’s Class

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