Week:20 The Home Strait. By Shane C.

It was Grand National Day and I sat on my horse at the start. A huge crowd had gathered around the track at Aintree, to watch this race of 52 horses which was surely going to be pure carnage.

The flag dropped and we were off and the noise of hooves thundering against the grass began. 52 horses and jockeys jumped at the first fence but only 45 made it to the other side.


As we headed towards the home straight only 20 horses with jockeys remained and I was up at the front. We were moving very fast when suddenly one of the loose  horses crossed over in front of us. My beauty followed him as he led us towards the railings. The dream was over!

One thought on “Week:20 The Home Strait. By Shane C.”

  1. Oh no, Shane! I can feel your disappointment.
    I like how you built up the tension as the race was progressing.
    I wonder has this ever happened to Brian?
    Super work. Well done!
    Mrs Boyce

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