WK#6 Out Of School by Abdul

I’m in from break for running.I get in the room and ask for the bath room. I unlock a door leading to the office. I get in and then  I saw a safe. I check the lock and pick up the safe. I had the safe and it was heavier than I expected.I picked it up and put it on the table, I picked the lock.I  know I’m a thief but I’m poor so I have my reasons.I  take off my shoes to be silent. I get out and when I was walking home I realised I forgot my shoes.

One thought on “WK#6 Out Of School by Abdul”

  1. An interesting ending. It makes the reader wonder what could happen next. I like the sentence where you justify your reasons for stealing… “I’m poor so I have my reasons.”
    I think you should start trying to vary the legth of your sentences, so that some are longer.
    Philip Waller
    New Zealand

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