Writing Competition ( Different Ending) by Eoin. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

“I’m sorry, Severus, I truly am, but to take full and eternal control of the Elder Wand, I have to kill you. So long, old friend.”.Nagini pounces, but Harry bursts through the door and apparates away to safety with Snape in tow.

When they reach the Great Hall a few moments later, Snape is spluttering, bamboozled by what has just happened. “W-w-why?” he manages to stutter out of his thin-lipped mouth. “I understand now” Harry says knowingly. “Please, help us,” Harry pleads desperately, “We need you,”. There is a brief moment, almost¬†like that of a standoff, between them,¬†similar to a staring competition, daring the other to back down and blink. “You have your mother’s eyes,” Snape uttered faintly and ran off hurriedly to join in the fight.

Harry knew what he had to do. He ventured into the forest expecting death, and yes, he did die if only temporarily.