Writing competition Fantastic Beasts by Krzysztof

“Thanks. ”

“Bye!”  shouted Jacob in a normal voice as the women went out from the bakery.

” Yes?” he asked when he raised his head. He looked. It was she, she that he could remember.

” Qee…”

He stared. It was his friend Queen. They stared at each other.

” Hi.”

“Hi.” Jacob replied. ” Tina got a message from Dumbledore. He told me to find you and we need to help Newt.”

“Who?” Jacob asked.

“I tell you later. Get your jacket or whatever.”

They walked out behind the bakery.

” Why me, I’m normal, not a wizard like you.”

“I told you that you’re one of us!” They caught each other by their hands and teleported.

Meanwhile in Dumbledore’s office at Hogwarts Castle…

” Do I need to do this?”

“Yes. You’re the only one to defeat Grindelwald. And you’ll need your beasts.”

Newt looked at his case for few seconds and then replied ” What and where do I need to go?”

“France, Paris. You’ll take the train from King Cross, Platform 8. It goes to Dover. There you’ll meet your old friends.”

Doors opened and Newt went out.

“Ok,”  he said to himself. When he reached the platform, the train was ready to go. It was not the end. It was only the beginning.